Monday, July 22, 2013

Throw a hip dance party

Have a dance party that people will enjoy! Make plans prior, find great music, and figure out what type of food and snacks will be enjoyed.

  1. Decide if you want a theme to your party, it doesn't have to be something to dress up to, but maybe you could give it a cool name like "Revolution" or "Summer 2013".
  2. Make flyers at least two weeks in advance, a month is best just to give people a heads-up to plan. Pass out handbills and hang posters until a few days before the party.
  3. Secure your music collection and make sure you have a way to play it on your sound system. If you are going for a 'Club/Rave' type theme, hire a DJ! Skilled DJs know how to properly blend tracks together without skipping a beat. Professional DJs get the latest hits months before they actually hit the airwaves (if ever), and they also know how to cater to everyone, not just an individual. You could hire DJs on RentZeal (
  4. Set up sound. You can rent speakers from RentZeal ( Also, make sure you light-up the place using mirror balls ( and spot lights (
  5. Set up decorations related to your theme and put a sign out on the street with the name of your party and light it.
  6. Use a place that has a good enough 'club' feel to it, black plastic hung on the walls works great. Be sure to leave holes for windows so they can be open when the dance floor gets too hot.
  7. Have plenty of cold water and drinks available. When people are dancing they will get hot and you do not want people to become dehydrated. Also be sure to provide snacks with energy, like candy and pretzels. You can also choose from the food-supplies on RentZeal (
  8. Be sure to provide a place to cool off, relax and talk. Party goers won't be dancing the whole time and having a place to talk really makes a party enjoyable.

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