Thursday, July 18, 2013

Plan an amazing B'day Party for your kid in minutes

Planning a birthday party for your child could feel like a big hassle. Don't worry. We made a simple five-step process for organizing and hosting an awesome party in matter of minutes.

Step 1: Guest list
Decide how many guests to invite. This will determine everything else, including how much space you'll need and how much food to get. Be sure to send out invitations in a timely way. 

Step 2: Venue
There are different considerations for various venues. For example, if you have the party at home, you'll have more work to do, including setup and cleanup. You could also host the party in the kid's playground and set-up a bouncy houses. Other options include renting a room at the local recreation center or booking a child-centered place.

Step 3: Theme
Start by considering the child's favorite characters or interests. That can guide how you'll decorate, including what serving items you'll get. If you plan to provide favors for guests, coordinate them with the theme. For decorations, consider banners and balloons. You can get all the decoration you want from (decor section).  

Step 4: Entertainment
You can keep the party simple with games in the backyard. Or, you may want to book special entertainment, such as an inflatable bounce house. Check and book a bouncy house that goes with your theme. 

Step 5: Food
A child's birthday party may feature homemade cake or cupcakes and other simple treats, in addition to hot dogs or other simple fare. Or, you may want to have a special cake or other food provided by professionals. If you cook yourself, be sure to buy ingredients ahead of time, and make as much as you can in advance so you aren't overwhelmed the day of the party. If you order a cake, plan to do it no later than a week in advance to ensure it can be done in time. You can also order cookies etc. on itself, while you are making other orders.

As much as possible, relax and enjoy this special time with your child. 

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